Nolan 6 years old

Well its a little late but here is the update for Nolan at 6 years old.  He was 52.2lbs (80%) and 49.5in (99%).


Nolan currently loves everything sporty.  He loves to play different sports but mostly he likes to change his clothes to match whatever he is playing.  He finished Kingergarten and had a great school year.  We loved his teacher Mrs. Bateman and most importantly Nolan really enjoyed school.


Nolan played his first season of baseball in the spring and had so much fun.  It was a machine pitch game with mostly other 5-6 year olds on his team.  It was most of their first times playing baseball and it was very entertaining to say the least.  Chris helped coach the team and all the boys had fun.  Nolan practiced very hard and had huge improvements.  He ended up getting hits off the machine almost every at bat and really loved playing first base.


Nolan continued to be very enthusiastic about school.  On the Monday after spring break, he said it was the best day of his life because he got to go back to school.  He finished Kindergarten being able to read easy level chapter books.  He learned addition and subtraction with single digit numbers, counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and word problems.  His favorite special was gym (of course) and his least favorite was technology.  Although we thought it was pretty cool that kids are learning how to type already.


Nolan took a new interest in his clothes recently and even asked for clothes and socks for his birthday.  He really likes to match the color and brands of his shirt, shorts, socks and shoes.  I never thought a 6 year old boy could care so much about what he is wearing!  Mostly though it is the changing clothes that makes it crazy.  If he wants to play basketball, he will go change into all his basketball clothes.  But if he switches to soccer next, he has to go back up and change completely into a new soccer outfit.  Due to the insane amount of laundry this was making, he started having to clean up his room each night and hang up his shirts from the day.  His highest number so far is 17 shirts in one day!  I thought by having to hang them back up that it might help stop him from changing so much, but no luck.


Nolan is still a sweet older brother and plays nicely with Wesley most of the time.  They still like to build Legos together, scooter or play basketball in the alley, or “clean” things outside with their squirt bottles.  Nolan will sometimes even sit and read books to Wesley and it’s so cute.  Sometimes they will play by themselves for over an hour at a time.  It is definitely starting to get easier in that regard.


Nolan is enjoying the summer and loves to hang around the house and play.  He did a couple short camps but we plan to just enjoy a low key rest of summer and time at the pool.



Cousin time. 


More cousin time!

Camping and enjoying every second of it. 

We took Nolan to an Outlaws Lacrosse game for his birthday.  He said at Kindergarten graduation that he wants to be a lacrosse player when he grows up.  

Mrs. Bateman.  We had to beg Nolan to take this picture.  He is not very touchy feely. 😉

Nolan’s buddies from class (Emerson, Easton and Dylan). 

Cool dudes on the block.  

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Nolan 5.75 

I really can’t believe that Nolan is coming up on six years old.  Here is one more update from the winter.

Nolan is still doing great in Kindergarten.  He loves to go to school and has a little group of friends who he seems to hang out with the most.  He tells me that they usually play “boys chase girls” during recess.  I can definitely tell the difference now that he is around other kids more with some of things that he comes home saying.  I feel like sometimes we are constantly saying “Don’t say ___” (with anything from butt to stupid to stinky face…the list goes on).  sigh… Doesn’t help that Wesley giggles at ALL of it.

I would say in the last couple months that reading has really started to click for Nolan.  He can pretty easily read the level one and two books.  He made it through all his sight words at school with only missing one word on one week.  He was very proud of each level.

Nolan did have about a week where he was getting really nervous about school and even saying his stomach was hurting and that he didn’t want to go.  So we finally figured it out that he had not been listening during reading time one day and his teacher had told him that he was going to have to miss out on some “center minutes” (which is basically their time to pick what they want to play and it’s Nolan’s favorite).  Apparently Nolan was so worried about the idea of being in trouble that it was making him feel sick to his stomach.  His teacher is amazing and we were able to work it all out, but it just really reminded me that he is such a sensitive little guy and also is a major rule follower.  This has also started in on the phase of constantly saying, “I’m going to tell on you!”  But at least I don’t worry about him breaking the rules for the most part. 🙂

Nolan played basketball again this winter.  Chris coached the team and he had couple of his friends from school on the team too.  He had so much fun playing, made a few baskets on the 8′ hoop during the games and overall he had a really good attitude.  Nolan also started ski lessons this winter.  He loved them and every day after we would come home, he would ask if he could go again tomorrow.  We did two days at Loveland which was good to get started, but he definitely had the most fun when we went with Katie to Ski Cooper.  She was able to do so many more runs with him and the beginners area was really good for him.  At the end of the day, he went on two lifts and did a blue run with only a little help.  I can definitely see doing a lot more skiing next year.

Nolan has taken a huge interest in what he calls “being sporty.”  He gets so excited to play basketball in the alley with the neighbors, but also wants to hit baseballs, go for runs with Chris, ride his bike, etc.  He still wants to change clothes every time he changes sports or activities, so we are still going through tons of laundry!

Here are some pictures from last couple months…

Losing his first tooth!  He was so excited to have it out.  It was very wiggly but started hurting him and didn’t want to come out on its own.  I brought home some numbing gel and took it out, but it definitely still had a tiny bit of root left on it, so he wasn’t kidding about it hurting!




For the next tooth, his adult one came up behind the baby tooth so I took him to the office to take it out.  We got the tooth numb and wiggled it out and he said it was SO much easier than the first one!


Cousins.  Hard to get any sort of picture anymore…


Nolan was very excited about the SuperBowl.  He drew lots of pictures at school of Peyton Manning.



Nolan got himself all geared up to play after watching the tree trimmers work at Grandma’s.


First ski lesson.  I spent half the day trying to figure out which kid was mine after I dressed him in all black.  Rookie move.


Annual stock show tractor ride.


Favorite EMS shirts.


This is what most of my pictures look like now a days.


We are going to have to watch out for this kid.  I found him upstairs in bed like this with the neighbor girl when their family was over for dinner.


Different girl, more cuddling.  🙂  I’m calling it, Nolan may end up being a ladies man. 😉


Still loves Wesley…




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