Conversation with Nolan and Wesley

From before 3rd grade and kindergarten:

Here is the “Conversation with Nolan”

Fav Food:    Sushi and Fried Chicken

Favorite Sport to Play:  Baseball

The Best Show on TV:    Captain Underpants shows

Coolest person on Earth:  Albert Einstein

The thing I do best:  Math and Baseball

If I had to change my name it would be:  Jackson

Favorite Toy:  Ball and bat

If I could go anywhere on Earth it would be:  Italy or Europe

Favorite Color:  Green

When I grow up I want to be a:  Professional Baseball Player

Favorite Movie:  Sandlot

Favorite Song:  Thunder

Favorite Book:  The adventures of Edward Tulane

3 words to describe yourself:  Kind, smart, athletic

When I was little I used to:  Think the world was about firefighters and construction workers.

Favorite Season:  Spring

Favorite Snack:  Chewy Bar and yogurt tube

Food I don’t like:  Tomatoes

My Best Friend:  Webb

If I had one wish it would be:  To have a thing that can do everything.

My favorite memory:  Winning CABA state and when I rounded second and saw Cruz crossing home.

My favorite thing to do at school:  Recess.

What are you excited about for 3rd grade? Harder math and recess at the end of the day.

What is one new thing you can do in 3rd grade? Ask more questions

Here is the “Conversation with Wesley”

Fav Food: Mac and Cheese

Favorite Sport to Play:  Soccer

The Best Show on TV:   Ninjago

Coolest person on Earth:  Mom, Dad and Nolan. Can I say Pumpkin?

The thing I do best:  Basically everything.

If I had to change my name it would be: I can’t think of any names

Favorite Toy:  Hot Wheels? Rat-a-Tat-Cat

If I could go anywhere on Earth it would be:  Mexico

Favorite Color: Blue

When I grow up I want to be a: Baseball Player

Favorite Movie: Sandlot

Favorite Song: Kids Bop

Favorite Book: Optical Illusion Book

3 words to describe yourself: Wes, Wesley, Nugget. (Sporty, Catty, Playful)

When I was little I used to: Try to roll on my belly.

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Snack: Z Bar

Food I don’t like:  Peas

My Best Friend:  Stone

If I had one wish it would be: To have a million Pumpky-boo cats.

My favorite memory: Sake, I miss Sake.

My favorite thing to do at school: Play with Stone.

What are you excited about for Kindergarten? To meet new friends.

What is one new thing you can do in Kindergarten? Play on big playground!

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Nolan 7 years old

A little behind here, but I wanted to get this update on for Nolan turning 7. At his check up, he was 57lbs (80%) and 52 inches (99%). He finished up the second half of 1st grade loving school, baseball and more baseball.

This winter he played basketball with some of his friends from school. This was one of the first things he has played where they kept score. He enjoyed it and did a good job of sticking on his player he was supposed to be defending. The kids on each side would wear different color wrist guards to show who would guard who and one kid in particular let out a huge groan when he saw that he had Nolan guarding him again.

Nolan skied about 5 days and got comfortable going on the lift, making turns, and stopping. He was a big help this year carrying his own skis and being patient when Wesley needed extra time. He is definitely ready to take some lessons and probably will be a better skier than me soon.

In class, Nolan’s best friends were Maddy and Adelaide. They played together almost all year long and got along very well, despite a couple issues amongst the girls. We had to have our first real talks about being a good friend, making good choices, etc. I definitely didn’t realized the friend dynamics could be so complex even in first grade! Even with a little of that going in the background, Nolan is well behaved, follows directions and is pretty quiet in the classroom. He really enjoys going to school and hasn’t ever talked about any parts that he doesn’t like. His strengths seems to be in reading and math and he still loves science, gym and drama. He could definitely use some improvement in his handwriting but overall just doesn’t give us much to worry about.

Probably the biggest change for Nolan is his newest obsession with baseball. In the winter and then into the spring, he was practicing and playing with his team a couple times a week. But he also had single focus for baseball in all his free time, wanting to play catch, toss balls to himself off the pitch back, watch the Rockies games, play whiffle ball in the park, practice “divers” onto the couch. He really loves it and it shows in how much better he has gotten at the game too.

Nolan still plays so nicely with his brother even with some of the typical wrestling and pestering that come with siblings. He is excited about doing some new things independently like riding his bike around the block, playing in the alley with neighbors or by himself and he definitely doesn’t want any input on what he chooses to wear. He loves changing clothes to match his activity and will often wear at least 5 different outfits a day (thankfully he puts away his own laundry!). He still loves to snuggle for a couple minutes before bedtime and happily holds my hand as we walk to school. Looking forward to what 7 holds for us!



Stock Show

Brooklyn and Skylar back in town visiting.

Nolan loved skiing.


Nolan and his matching toothless buddy Jameson.



Nolan had a blast playing basketball.


First spring flowers.

Lots of baseball time with cousins.


Different matching tooth buddy Brody.

Hiking with bffs in Golden, Lair of the Bear.

Nolan is such a sweet big brother.

Easter egg hunting.

Collared shirts for Easter.


Dinos come to the zoo.

Nolan’s school field trip to the zoo.

Little league night at the Rockies game. Their team got to walk around the field before the game.


Birthday in the mountains.




Birthday party at Ubergrippen on their opening weekend.






Love this guy!

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