First day of school (2nd grade and ECE-4)

Nolan just started 2nd grade with Mrs. Hollenbach and Mrs. Barrows as his teachers. He is so excited about school that it rubs off on Wesley who is now equally excited to start school. Wesley started ECE-4 (Pre-K) at the elementary school and loves being a “big kid” too. Wes has Ms. Paula and goes full day complete with 2 recesses, 2 snacks, lunch in the cafeteria, rest time, center time, art, gym, music and drama. He is in heaven too because he has his best friend Stone in class with him.

Here is the “Conversation with Nolan” that I try to do every year at the start of school.

Fav Food:    Sushi

Favorite Sport to Play:  Baseball

The Best Show on TV:    Ninjago….ESPN little league baseball….Rockies baseball!

Coolest person on Earth:  God

The thing I do best:  Baseball

If I had to change my name it would be:  Cargo

Favorite Toy:  Baseball and baseball glove

If I could go anywhere on Earth it would be:  To play on the Rockies field

Favorite Color:  Blue

When I grow up I want to be a:  Major League Baseball Player

Favorite Movie:  Sandlot

Favorite Song:  Cake by the Ocean

Favorite Book:  Who is Derek Jeter?

3 words to describe yourself:  Baseball, Happy, Kind

When I was little I used to:  Love construction stuff and firefighters

Favorite Season:  Spring

Favorite Snack:  Chewy Bar

Food I don’t like:  Taquitos

My Best Friend:  Maddy

If I had one wish it would be:  To be better than Babe Ruth.

My favorite memory:  When I got to go to the championship and I got my glove trophy.

My favorite thing to do at school:  Go to gym.

What are you excited about for 2nd grade? To get to learn times (multiplication)

What is one new thing you can do in 2nd grade? Zip line and Arm Breaker on the playground.
Here is the “Conversation with Wesley”

Fav Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Sport to Play:  Soccer

The Best Show on TV:   Ninjago

Coolest person on Earth:  Mama

The thing I do best:  Coloring

If I had to change my name it would be:  Me

Favorite Toy:   My Lovies

If I could go anywhere on Earth it would be:  Harry Potter Land

Favorite Color: Blue

When I grow up I want to be a: Professional Soccer Player

Favorite Movie: Batman-The Dark Side

Favorite Song: Dynamite

Favorite Book: Ninjago

3 words to describe yourself: I like TV, I like lovies, I like sleeping

When I was little I used to: Lay down.

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Snack: Candy

Food I don’t like:  Broccoli

My Best Friend:  Stone

If I had one wish it would be: To love my mom and dad.

My favorite memory: Going to school.

My favorite thing to do at school: Recess

What are you excited about for 2nd grade? To see Stone.

What is one new thing you can do in 2nd grade? Build


Love these two.

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Wesley 4 years old

Wesley turned 4 years old a couple weeks ago. He had his check up with the doctor and was 36.6 lbs (50%) and 41.5 inches (80%). I had him get all 4 shots he will need next year for Kindergarten and he didn’t even cry, just a little whimper and then he was so proud of himself for being so brave.

In the past 6 months, Wesley has been in a pretty easy and chill phase. He has been going to Stapleton Fellowship Preschool 2 mornings a week. Since he started there, he has not had any more crying or trouble at drop off. His teachers tell us he is very nice to all the kids and is a good listener. His best friends at school are Cayden and Adelyn and I think they play a lot of family where Wesley alternates being the dad and the cat. The school is a little disorganized at times, but it gets Wesley out of the house and playing with other kids. He also knows all his letter sounds and is starting to sound out easy words. He still seems to be predominately left handed with writing. Wes really loves reading books but overall has pretty short stamina with sitting still for much coloring or crafting.

In the fall he played outdoor soccer and loved it. We were very impressed with how well he actually listens and follows the coach’s directions. This winter he played basketball with Chris coaching a group of 3 and 4 year olds. It went about how you can imagine 3 year olds playing basketball would but Wesley really loved having the chance to get out and play with Dad as coach. He has also been playing around a lot of baseball even though we are not doing T-Ball quite yet. He definitely bats lefty but still throws a little more predominately with his right hand. He still claims soccer as his favorite sport and we are just starting up another round of it this week.

Wesley went skiing about 4 times this winter and did so well. He went on the lift a bunch and used the harness still but more for just slowing down when needed and encouraging turning. I was really proud of him and the only day he really struggled with it was when he was actually sick with a fever but I didn’t realize it and thought he was just whining a lot. I think next year he will be ready for more full day type lessons so we can put both kids in a ski school.

Wesley loves to play with Nolan, imitate him and try to do things just like him. I can see it in the way he talks and dresses and plays. The two still get along remarkably well, although I can see Wesley sometimes still whine and cry to get what he wants. Wesley loves to play with the big kids and can play well on his own with them. He is good buddies with our neighbors Adelaide and Webb. His other best buddy is his friend Stone who is super easy going, likes superheroes and sports too. They play so nice together. Wesley is lucky to have cousins so close in age and gets along well with Teddy, Holden, and Maddie (all within 4-6 months of his age).

Wesley plays the most with transformers, but also is big into puzzles, superheroes, and card games (Spot it, Sleeping Queens). He favorite pretend game is definitely playing cat. This boy wishes he had a cat so bad, but we are still trying to get our fix in from Rosie the neighborhood cat and the Denver Cat Cafe (usually his top pick of where to go for fun). He is mostly a homebody though and would probably be fine if we stayed home forever.

Wesley is right in the stage of wanting his own independence (buckling himself in car seat, picking out his own clothes, etc) but also clearly needing us so much. He wants us to go with him upstairs to grab something (“I don’t want to be ALONE up there”) or sweetly asking for cuddles in bed before falling asleep. He is generally sweet but definitely has battles over certain things (like taking off pjs, wearing pants or wearing underwear generally).

Wesley got a preschool spot at Westerly Creek next year so he will be going to the same school as Nolan. Of course he is so excited about this, although I am still having a hard time imagining him in school all day long. I feel we are really transitioning into kid stuff and away from the toddler stage, which is bittersweet but exciting all at the same time. I still think 4 is my favorite age so I’m planning to try to cherish every bit of the year to come.


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