Wesley 3.5 



Wesley is nearly 3 and a half now.  He still loves superheros but is starting to branch out a little bit with what he plays and wears.  He also loves playing around the house and doing imagination games with Nolan.  He is still wearing size 3 clothes and is about average size for his age.  He still has his little round belly but is definitely starting to look more like a little boy and less like a toddler.


Wesley was loving school during the spring, but once summer started he was thrown off his routine.  He started crying again and asking if he didn’t have to go to school.  We think part of the problem was that he only went a total of 8 days over the summer and his group of 3 other friends weren’t all there.  We are trying to get him ready for a new preschool in the fall and building excitement for getting to go back to school like a big kid.  He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning again this year.


Wesley still plays a lot of superheroes (Batman, Superman, Captain America, Hulk, and Flash are his favorite). He still loves to wear his pajamas all day long.  He loves it so much that it is what we use a punishment if he gets “3 strikes” for doing something wrong in a day.  He then can’t wear pjs during the day the next day.  This strategy as worked better than any other time out or anything else we have tried.


Wesley has been doing great in his bed and (knock on wood) sleeping has been pretty smooth.  He likes to have all his Lovies (about 15 different stuffed animals) and he is very particular about his blanket being laid on him FLAT.  Chris also put an ice cube in his water one night so now he has to have “icy cold water” for bed.  But once all those conditions are met, he really is a pretty good sleeper.  He will take the occasional car nap, but otherwise does fine as long as he can get to bed around 7:30.


Wesley still adores cats and dogs.  I feel kind of back they are pet-deprived but I am hoping that Rosie the neighbor’s cat will suffice for a little while longer.  He also likes to tell people about his robot cat Sake.


Wes also likes to play sports stuff with Nolan and he is actually pretty good for a 3 year old, but he has the typical 3 year old attention span.  He can hit a ball thrown to him, but then runs to first base and will sit down or typically wander off.  He consistently bats and swings left handed, but will throw right handed.  We still can’t tell if he will be right or left handed because he switches back and forth almost 50/50.


Wesley loves to cuddle at the end of the day and read books together.  He is such a sweet little guy but definitely has his determined times.  Nolan and I will usually look at each other and say that sometimes it is hard to be 3.  Wesley loves to play with other kids, especially his cousins.  He is lucky to have 3 cousins all within 6 months of his age, so there is a never a dull moment when families get together.


When Nolan was away on a mini-trip, I told Wes he could pick anything he wanted to do.  He pick The Cat Cafe, a little coffee shop that has cats roaming around to play with.






Wesley and his buddy Maddie.  They played so well together during all the older boys’ baseball practices and games.  


Typical outfit for Wesley to spend his day in. 


Wesley went through a very sleep stage for a couple weeks.  This was right after one of his naps and he fell back asleep on me.  I remember vividly thinking that this could be one of the last times I hold him while he was sleeping.


Further evidence of his sleepy stage! 


He was very proud of his picture of himself 🙂

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