Wesley 3 years old. 

Wesley turned 3 last week and we can definitely tell that we are back in the 3’s with all the fun and challenges that come with it.  At his doctor visit, he was 38in (55%) and 32.2 lbs (60%).  The night before his birthday, he climbed out of his crib at bedtime.  He had been able to get in and out for a while but had always stayed in at nighttime.  So we figured it was time and switched him to a bed (actually just his crib with the front off).  He was so happy about it, especially since Nolan had been wanting to give him a big boy bed for his birthday.  It had been getting harder and harder to get him to fall asleep at night and so we took away his nap the same time and bedtime has gotten earlier and faster so everyone is happy.  So far he has done really well in the bed and we are hoping the trend continues.

Wesley’s main obsession is now Batman and superheroes.  He wants to wear only Batman or occasionally Superman clothes.  But more than anything he wants to wear one of two of his Batman pajamas.  He is determined to wear these day and night, every day.  The amount of battles we have over the clothes thing is getting crazy.  Sometimes he is allowed to wear the pjs under his clothes, sometimes he will wear other Batman clothes as long as he can switch back to his pjs as soon as we get home.  Honestly I would nearly give up and just let him wear them all the time but they are short sleeve and it is still cold and snowy some days.  The other part of the clothes struggle is that he insists that if he is wearing a Batman shirt, then he also needs Batman socks, underwear, shorts and sweatshirt to match.  He is not happy about trying to mix his superhero because he is so into his character that he just can’t seem to grasp wearing anything else.

Most of the things he plays also have some version of superhero with them.  He loves the Lego figures, pretend play where he fights a lot of bad guys and villains, as well as reading superhero books.  Now when we ask him who is wants to be when he grows up, he says Batman instead of firefighter.  So one last funny story about it, at the doctor’s office I have to fill out these questionnaires for each age milestone.  They have very specific questions that you have to ask the kid to answer.  One of them was to ask, “What is your name?” and it was looking to see if the child could tell his first and last name. I asked Wesley and he replied, “Batman” immediately.  I laughed a little, but this is typical for him, so I said, “No, what is your REAL name?”  He looked at me dead serious without missing a beat and said, “Bruce Wayne.”  🙂

Wesley loves animals, especially cats.  He still adores his big brother and I would guess that they probably get along great about 90% of the time without any intervention.  5% of the time we have to convince them into sharing or taking turns.  Then about 5% of the time, usually right before dinnertime, they know how to push each others’ buttons and probably need to just be in different rooms.  They will play Lego together, draw or color, play soccer or baseball, or some other version of imaginative play.

Wesley is doing very well in his preschool and actually has a group of 3 other little boys who all play together most of the time during school. He fits in great in the 3 year old room now that they moved him up in January.  He knows all his letters, big and little, and is improving on counting past 14.  Unfortunately, we found out that his school is dropping their half day program for next year so we are going to be switching him to somewhere he can still go in just the mornings.

Wesley is usually pretty easy going.  He is turning into a bit of a homebody and wants to stay home and play around the house.   Nolan and Wesley can still make each other laugh and laugh, especially about anything that has to do with poop or butts.  I seriously don’t understand why boys think this stuff is so hilarious, but we are constantly having to monitor using the “potty words.”  They also have started playing hide and seek together which they both love.  Wesley loves our nanny Jacque and they usually go out during the day together to museums or parks.  He is actually a little possessive of her and sometimes doesn’t like to even share her with Nolan.  She is always doing lots of fun crafts and projects with him too.

Wesley can still be so so sweet and cuddly, especially while reading books or when he first gets up in the morning.  He doesn’t usually like to slow down long enough to sit and snuggle, so I have to take advantage when I can.  Wesley gives the best hugs and is such a sweet little boy.  We are so lucky to have him.


img_7731.jpg img_7732.jpg

Christmas with friends.


At the children’s museum, playing with bubbles.


Loving his brother






Morning snuggles.


Checking out the tractors at the stock show.











He wanted to go to the firefighters museum on his birthday.  This is what he wore from home, puppy included. 🙂






Love this guy!


We got Wesley this pretend/robot cat for his birthday and he loves it!  It is kinda creepy, but apparently just perfect for a 3 year old.


He insisted on wear his mask all morning and opening his presents.


Book time.


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