Wesley 2.75

Wesley was 2 years and 9 months in December and before it gets to be his birthday(!!), I wanted to write what he was doing.  His biggest change for the fall was starting in preschool and his new love for superheroes. He is still wearing size 2T/3T depending on the brand and he now has all 20 of his baby teeth.  It’s crazy to me that this is the age Nolan was when Wesley was born.  At the time, Nolan seemed so old to me but Wesley still seems so young.  Maybe it’s my wishful thinking wanting to keep him little forever.

Wesley started at preschool for 2 mornings a week at Creative Learning in the fall, it is the same school that Nolan went to at this age.  Poor Wes had a very hard time adjusting to getting dropped off.  His teachers would tell us that he would calm down once he was in there, but he cried until around November every time we took him there.  He would usually ask every morning if he had to to go to school today and if it was Tuesday or Thursday he would just start repeating, “I don’t want to go to school,” the whole time getting ready to go.  But I am very glad that we stuck with it because now he seems to really like going.  He has a couple friends in his class that he talks about and he usually tells us that he played in the gym.  He started the year knowing about half his letters and now he knows most of the uppercase ones and his colors and shapes.  It was very nice that he was potty trained before he started so that we didn’t have to worry about that transition at school too.  When we had his parent teacher conference, he had a lot of improvement.  But the teacher attributed much of it to the fact that at the beginning of the year during assessments, Wesley mostly gave his teacher a look basically saying, “No way am I talking to you lady.” This doesn’t really surprise us because Wesley generally only wants to do what he wants on his time.

Wesley still loves to play with Nolan and is so excited every day when we pick him up from school.  That being said, he definitely has embraced the attention of being the only kid around during the day.  He will get a little possessive of our nanny when Nolan is around.  She usually takes Wesley out of the house during the day, either to the Nature and Science Museum, Art Museum, story time at the library or to some other adventure she has planned.  He is at a fun age for us to go the the zoo or Children’s Museum too because he can walk around himself and is so interactive with everything.

Wesley started getting very into superheroes, mostly Batman, and lately his clothes choices reflect it.  Rather than insisting on only wearing blue, he will now only wear his superhero shirts. So I am happy that we are not having to dress him in the same 4 blue shirts, but we are just on a different 4 shirt rotation.  He loves to get home and immediately ask to change into his pjs.  I think he would wear pajamas all day if he could.  He is able to dress himself now and will sometimes come downstairs surprising us in a change of clothes.  He usually plays pretend games where we all have to be one of the superhero characters and there is a lot of getting the bad guys.  He changed from wanting to be a fireman when he grows up to now he wants to be Batman.  If he can’t be Batman, then he wants to be Superman and if not that then Captain America.

Wesley did his first soccer class this fall and loved it.  He was so ready to finally get to play something rather than watch from the sidelines that he didn’t even need one of us out there with him.  He still kicks and bats left handed but now seems to sometimes throw and hold a pencil with his right hand.  He likes soccer, hitting balls off a tee, but mostly just climbing around the house and jumping off stuff.  Nolan and Wesley make a lot of forts and hideouts and he is usually happy to go along with what Nolan is playing.

Wes loves animals and his stuffed animals.  His favorites are cats and he still thinks Rosie the neighbors’ cat is his cat.  He likes to sleep in his crib with about 15 different animals and lovies and he has a very particular spot for each of them.  He has decided which ones are boys and girls and then has to make sure they are separated on the sides of the bed.  His bedtime can sometimes be a struggle with getting the routine exactly the way he wants it in his head because one little thing different will lead to a melt down.  The other bad habit he has started is calling out for us multiple times after we have left his room.  He used to say, “Mommy….Daddy…” until one time we told him he couldn’t call out for Mommy and Daddy anymore.  Next time he calls out, “Guys….guys…I’m all alone in here guys…”

Some of Wesley least favorite things are getting his teeth brushed, eating any vegetables and having to wear something that wasn’t specifically picked out by him.  Some of his favorite things are reading books at bedtime, fighting bad guys with Nolan and snuggling up with all his favorite stuffed animals.  He is a sweet and silly boy and we are so lucky to have him.



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