Nolan 5 years old

Nolan turns 5 today and he is so excited.  He says that now that he is 5 he can use a knife and climb up mountains and go camping.  He less than an inch shy of 4 feet (47.25in) and weighs about 46 lbs.  That’s the size of an average six and a half year old, so he is wearing mostly size 6 or 7 clothes, size 13.5 shoes.  Nolan is still full of imagination, energy and playfulness.


Nolan’s favorite thing to do has changed from playing Lego to packing backpacks.  Sounds strange but he is obsessed with packing up bags to bring on whatever activity we are doing.  If we are going to scooter to the playground, he is just as excited to pack a bag for it as he is to go.  He packs the most random things and so, so many things.  Here is a picture of just one day and one backpack worth that I dumped out on the floor.


But if I try to unpack anything, he will notice and want it back in there.  We have many negotiations over if the backpack is too heavy and what can and cannot go in.  The first thing he wants to ask people is if they have a bag and what’s in it.  He gets his friends to come over and pack stuff with him.  I tell him that he is hoarding stuff but he tells me it is just storing the stuff he NEEDS.


Nolan loves to play all sorts of imagination games.  He might be a mountain rescuer, deep sea diver, Stapleton police, or camping in his motorhome.  Both boys like to build big forts and things out of pillows on the bed or couch.  Nolan really likes it when he can get Wesley to play along with him.  He likes to call him Buddy and will say things like, “Hey Buddy, want to come play swamp police in a tree house with me?”  Wesley is usually more than happy to go along with the game.  Now the two of them can play games on their own for an extended period of time together.  Nolan is still a great big brother.  He has taken to trying to show Wesley how to use the potty, but asks for privacy from us.  So the two of them are in there doing who knows what, but it seems be helping because Wesley likes to go pee on potty like big brother.  The one thing that he will do that always drives Wesley a little crazy is ask questions in a way to get Wesley to say the wrong answer.  He will hold up one of his toys and say, “Wesley is this your toy?”  Then when Wes says yes, he will say, “No it’s not!”


Nolan is so kind hearted and sweet.  For example, he was talking to my mom about his birthday.  They had been looking together the week before at certain rescue bot toys on Amazon for his birthday.  It was a couple days before my mom was going to have him open presents and she jokingly said that she forgot to order the presents.  First Nolan said, “It’s ok Grandma, you can just get on Amazon and order them.”  She told him there wasn’t any more time to ship it in time.  He said totally serious, “That’s ok Grandma, I can just wait until I’m 6.” And then gave her a big hug.  I love this kid.


Nolan is wrapping up his last year of preschool.  I think he had a great year, although he still doesn’t tell us much of anything.  Sometimes he will tell us random things like, “Kyle’s grandma was alive when the dinosaurs were alive,” or when there is fighting at the MagnaTile table that the last one to say, “one, two, three, not it” has to leave.  But we have actually seen a huge improvement in his journal from the school year.  He started preschool drawing a circle with two legs for a person and now he loves to color pictures with lots of details.  He is starting to sound out easy words but gets easily distracted or bored with it.  He will try to write a sentence out and he can get some sounds and letters correct but it is still hard to figure it out unless you were writing it with him.  I think he is definitely ready for Kindergarten.  I, on the other hand, am not ready.


Nolan did basketball this winter with Chris as the coach.  He was his most engaged that I have seen from him so far with any sport.  I wouldn’t say that he was very aggressive going after the ball, but he always tried hard, usually made a basket or two each week, and had tons of fun doing it.  He is in indoor soccer right now and also having a great time.  He loves the drills during the first half of practice.  During the second half scrimmage, he usually is off in his own world playing rescue bots or police or something and doesn’t pay much attention to the ball but again he is having a blast doing it, so everyone is happy.


Ever since our last trip up to the cabin in Buena Vista, Nolan has been wanting to do lots of outdoorsy things.  He is very excited about camping this summer and keeps asking to go hiking.  We have gone to Bluff Lake and Rocky Mountain Wildlife Arsenal which are both within 5 minute drives, and he thinks it is great.  Up in BV, he really took to fishing this time and was pretty good casting out his bobber and helping scoop up fish in the net.  I am really excited to do more of that stuff with him this summer.


Nolan has really been into trying to do things for himself.  I came down the other day and he had gotten out everything for a bowl of cereal and he was sitting at the table eating it.  We also moved his clothes down lower so he can pick them out and dress all by himself.  Sometimes I try to tell him why it might not look as good to wear a black shirt, with black pants with black socks, but that is his idea of an outfit “matching” so I just don’t worry about it.  We have been working hard to involve Nolan in trying to come up with solutions for things if something isn’t going his way.  I am actually amazed at how often he thinks about it and either comes up with something we both can live with or a compromise to make him feel better.


Nolan will still get upset if Wesley takes a toy and he gets really really upset if he thinks he is in trouble.   We are also trying to make him aware of how other people are feeling and talking to him about watching out for other kids who might need a friend.  Wesley is in a huge Daddy-only phase right now, and Nolan will see Wesley run away from me and then he will come up and give me big hugs and kisses.  The other day we were walking home from school across the playground full of big elementary school kids running everywhere.  Nolan just grabbed my hand and was so excited to see me.  He didn’t have a care in the world or even an idea that someday it might not be cool to hug your mom.  I really just wanted to freeze him right there and keep it where he is still most excited to see me.   He still loves to lay in bed and read books, loves to talk with the lights out before bed to get a few more minutes together.


These past 5 years have just flown by.  We love our big guy so much!


Ok, I should not have gone back to look at baby pictures….


Here is basketball this year.

IMG_6136 IMG_6172

At the zoo with his best friends from school.  You can see here how much taller he is than kids his age!  Those two are not small, Nolan is just that big. Also I think Nolan really likes Adelaide 😉

IMG_6228 IMG_6336

Being goofy with cousin Cooper.


Matching camo for Grandad’s birthday.

IMG_6408 IMG_6427

Brushing his brother’s teeth, actually didn’t do a half bad job either!


Being silly at the playground.




Happy Birthday Buddy!!


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  1. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday Nolan! He is certainly one of the sweetest boys I know!! xo

  2. Alison says:

    Wow he sounds like such a delight! April is still in the difficult preschooler phase and I’m praying Kindergarten will cure her!

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