BV and chipmunk crossing

We drove up to Buena Vista for a long weekend to see the trees and get in some relaxing. Nolan was so excited to go that he got himself ready and sat in the car for 30 minutes while we finished packing. I can tell you that never happens. And then he started asking, “How much longer?” while we were still within Denver city limits. We made it up there pretty easily and it was a beautiful drive.

My favorite part of the weekend was visiting an old mining town St. Elmo, about 45 minute drive from the mountain house. There is a group of chipmunks that are so used to being fed that they are basically tame and eat out of your hand. We fed them seeds and nuts and let them crawl all over us. Nolan was a little worried they were going to bite him, but Wesley loved it. It was seriously so much fun and the little chipmunks were so cute.





Chipmunk in the bag!


No fancy family picture here, best we could do.




ATV ride to the secret lake with Grandad.


Waiting his turn for the ATV.


Video of the chipmunks…

Video clip of a full rainbow…

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  1. Elaine says:

    These pictures are so sweet!!

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