Nolan 4 1/4

Nolan is in a very sweet and happy phase right now. The difficultly of age 3 is definitely behind us and now he is usually fairly reasonable, easy going and more and more self sufficient. We still work constantly on battles over listening the first time, not yanking toys back that Wesley steals and getting dressed. But he is increasingly helpful with Wesley and interested in teaching him words. They will actually play together, side by side, talking back and forth for short periods of time. I’m starting to be able to envision a day of just sending them downstairs to play for an hour at a time.

Nolan has been in school for two weeks now and the transition has been really smooth. He likes to go, never says much about what he did, and now is dead tired and ready for bed by 7:15. The only thing the teacher has told me is that he is very quiet but always listens and responds when she talks to him. He seems to have taken a liking to a particular girl in his class. I heard that they were walking home next to each other and on his own he invited her over to come play at our house, “Maybe when my mom picks me up from school, you could come to my house for a playdate?” We were wondering one day why Nolan didn’t have any little art projects or paper to bring home in his cubby each day. He just told us that his teacher said if they wanted to keep their work to put it in their cubby and if they left it on the table it would get thrown in the trash. Of course he just had everything trashed. Art and coloring is pretty low on Nolan’s list of importance I guess.

Nolan’s favorite things to play are still Lego (chima, ninjago, fire/police). He can play these imaginary scenes for hours at a time if we let him. He usually sets something up for a couple mins, then jumps around in excitement as he tells us all about it, then repeats ten more times. Every Lego set we have is completely in pieces and some days I think the Legos are going to take over my entire house. I haven’t come up with the best way to organize the chaos without it taking up so much time that I lose my mind if it all gets messed up again.

Nolan has decided he wants to be a firefighter again for Halloween (same as 2) and that Wesley can be his Dalmatian fire dog. I’m going to wait a little longer to get anything in case he changes his mind, but usually once he sets his mind to something he will remember forever.

My friend Elaine just wrote about her son’s policing what is being said and I was laughing because Nolan does the exact same thing. Anyone who says “stupid” or “hate” anywhere in his earshot will get immediately reprimanded, “WE DON’T SAY STUPID!!”. He is also on constant safety patrol and someone riding a bike with out a helmet will get shouted at “NOT SAFE GUY!! NOT SAFE!!”.

Nolan loves to wake up in the morning and crawl into bed with us. As long as its after 6, we usually like this too. But there was a couple days where Nolan slept in later then us and we were both up already getting ready for work. Nolan was so sad I think he set his mind that he just needed to get up earlier so he never missed us again. So for a while he would wake up anytime in the night and come on in. We got him a digital clock and covered up the minutes with tape, told him that he needed to stay in bed until it was a 6 or 7. The first two nights I think he spent hours staring at the clock because he was telling me how it took a long time to go from 4 to 5 to 6. I tried to just sneak the clock away but that lead to a midnight meltdown when it was missing But eventually the novelty wore off and now it seems to be working because he is sleeping in again.

Nolan started on a soccer team 2 weeks ago. The first game is Saturday and should be very interesting. His team is seven 4 year olds. Nolan’s primary focus is wandering and making sure no one gets his ball even if that means running with it like a football away from people. He also likes to play goalie. Except they play these little mini goals, 3 on 3 without goalies. His coach tried to explain this at the last practice. Nolan insisted to him, “I’m not playing goalie. I’m just standing in front of the goal making sure no balls go in.” I just hope he has fun and tries hard.

Nolan has been very cuddly, wanting to give us hugs and kisses and tell us how he loves us to pieces, infinity pieces. As school starts, I am feeling very thankful that he is only gone 2.5 hours a day. I think I’m going to miss him terribly when he goes full time next year.
















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  1. Alison says:

    He is so much like Lily! I want to get them together so much. My fault, need to make the trip! Love him!

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