Great Wolf Lodge

We took a family vacation down to Dallas to an indoor/outdoor waterpark and hotel called Great Wolf Lodge over 4th of July weekend. It was all of Chris’s side of the family and the cousins had so much fun together. It was a really fun place to stay and so nice to have everything we needed centrally located in one place. There was the waterparks, arcade, a set of hidden quests in the hotel, food, ice cream parlor, kids mani/pedi place (for $80! glad we didn’t have girls who wanted this).  They gave us wristbands at the beginning of the stay that were worn all the time and waterproof. They worked as our room keys and payment for things within the hotel. So it made it really nice because we didn’t have to keep keys or phones or wallets or anything with us at the waterpark. But that means I barely have any pictures of the trip. We did also go to a little Lego place and aquarium that was nearby too. Such a fun time!











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  1. Elaine says:

    This looks awesome!!

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