A conversation with Nolan: 3 year preschool

From 9/21/13:
My favorite food:  Fruit snacks
My favorite sport to play:  Basketball
The best show on TV is:  Fireman Same
The coolest person on earth is:  Fireman Sam
The thing I do best is:  Play
If I had change my name it would be:  Nolan
If I could go anywhere on earth it would be:  The park!
My favorite color is:  Red
My favorite toy is:  Fireman Lego
When I grow up I want to be a:  Fireman
My favorite movie is: Despicable Me 2
My favorite song is: Fireman Sam song
My favorite book is:  Fireman book
Three words to describe me are: I like to play with my toys, I love myself, I like fireman Sam.
When I was little I used to:  Get my hands dirty and get grandma’s chairs dirty.
My favorite season is:  Spring
My favorite snack is:  Fruit snacks
The food I don’t like is:  Bugs and dirt
My best friend is:  Brookie and Sky
If I had one wish it would be:  That I would be a fireman when I grow up.
My favorite memory: Buddy and Ellie
My favorite thing to do at school is:  Play in gym.


Can you tell he likes firemen?? 🙂

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